• Story Spines

    Sure, you thought  ”Spline Doctor”… Well, the story “spine” is such an important part of creating a film.  In many ways its what a spline is to an animator, the spine is to the writer. How many times have you watched a film and felt where the key moments hit? I thought this site provided some very interesting story charts about how the character changes. Ultimately we want a character to change or for the world around him or her to change. Take a look at these various charts as well and see how your character fits into this structure. One thing about structure is that you need a strong theme. Don’t put the cart before the horse. Make sure you really know why you are making this story and where it comes from… Why is it important to you? More to come




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  • Great Frank Oz interview

    Not sure if you guys have seen this but its a great interview with some interesting insights. Check it out here:


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  • New Look, Feel and Subject Coming

    Yes…. Splinedoctors has been around for almost 10 years! And guess what… I think its time for a change… The whole reason to do this site was to give inspiration and advice regarding animation. The reason I wanted to do all those great spline casts was to learn more from the greats at Pixar… These days it isn’t easy to get the time to do all the posts and podcasts but I do want to change it up a bit… Id like to focus the site more on….. drumroll please….


    For me, animation is a storytelling medium. I think to be successful as an animator you really do need to dive into what makes a good story and in general have your eyes and ears open in regards to it. Hopefully in the posts we will have a different focus. Honestly, I don’t even know if anyone reads this site anymore, but I’m doing it so I can keep learning…and be inspired…

    Thanks for listening. Please suggest topics in the comments.


  • cool reference app

    I came across a cool app for animators. Its called Aniref. It lets you take videos and track arcs as well as selecting the key frames of a video clip. While the price is a bit steep compared to other camera apps its a cool tool. I only imagine it will get better.

    check it out on iTunes… http://www.aniref.com/

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  • The One Academy!

    I am so excited to announce that I am directing a new animation program with the One Academy. I, as well as many aritsts I work with have visited the One Academy Campus in Malaysia and were so impressed with the people and the things they were doing there. The school was started by artists and has been around for over 20 years.  I am very excited to work with them on some  of the most exciting animation training around.  The aim of the program is to create thinkers,  and great storytellers. Over the years, one of the frustrations of teaching at many of the different schools is the lack of vision that student have. Many just want to land a job and that’s it. This is fine of course, but its important to give students a broad set of tools so they can have more potential out there. We aim to have a program that goes a year where we make films. Through the latest technology, we will engage in a digital story room and teachers will be teaching via hi-def video conferencing and the latest digital sharing tools.  It will involve all aspects of short film production. My goal is to make this program second to none. For me, its all about the teachers and getting the best students to apply.  More to come soon





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