• Learn with Legends


    I stumbled across a great place to learn from some amazing animators. Its call Taughtbyapro.com

    Learn traditional animation from some of the best 2d animators in the business. They worked on the classic Disney films. Its amazing that they are teaching now! They have a big masterclass going on in Nashville on June 13, 2015

    Its an event not to be missed.



    they also teach online classes at:





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  • Setting it in Motion

    Found this really great little short film on how Michael Arnt started Toy Story3. Beginnings… Very cool and educational. Every student should watch this!







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  • Composition is King

    Here’s a great write-up on the beautiful, creative, and bold compositions in the recent Foreign film IDA (Poland). Shot in Black & White and with a 1:33 framing, the director and his crew created some stunning imagery.

    In the link you can find a nice array of screen shots from the film, all worth studying and taking in. I highly recommend seeing the film if you haven’t yet, one of the ‘Best Foreign Film’ nominees for the upcoming Oscars in a few weeks.



    - N. Stanton


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  • Visual Storytelling

    Happy New Year out there ! I hope this post finds everyone starting a new creative endeavor.

    I wanted to focus on what we all look for when watching a film – great ‘Visual Storytelling’. Whenever I get a sequence I always ask myself –  How can I ‘show’ what is on the written page, and not rely on dialogue to get the action or  emotion across in the sequence ?  This is the Holy Grail that I seek when I put the pages down, and start drawing.

    There are many great examples out there in cinema that show this, and I was very happy to find this post recently breaking down the opening sequence to ‘MAD MAX 2 : The Road Warrior’ which has no dialogue at all, but full of  vital character information.  Very enlightening, and worth the watch. Enjoy !




  • 2015!

    Happy New Year!

    Some exciting things happening this year!

    • New Podcasts

    • New Doctors (story specialists and more)

    • Masterclasses!

    • A new look for our 10 year anniversary!

    Thanks for the support as always and please tell us what you want to hear.


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