I Suck

We all say this at some point or another. Every animator I know gets to a point where he or she thinks they lost it. “I’m no good” I aint got anymore frames in me” “I am a fraud”… and so on. To tell you the truth, I think this is healthy behavior for an artist. To think that you are great and don’t need improvement is obviously the death of an animator, or artist for that matter. Maybe this is why animators beat themselves up so much. People ask, “how do you get out of that period where you just cant do anything right???” Here are some things that sometimes work for me…

1) Exercise – think of your shot while you are on the treadmill
2) Get someone good to look at the shot. A lot of people around here have 5 goto guys and gals they ask to look at their shots. Its always great to get a fresh perspective on it. Resist your urge to not show your crappy blocking to a fellow animator. Sometimes they can be the spark that lights you ablaze!
3) Start over. Sometime you just need to wipe the slate clean and begin again.
4) Try Angus’s 30 minute technique.
5) Watch some inspirational material
6) Go back and plan out your shot. Video ref, thumbnails etc…
7) Get someone to smack you in the face. or, cold water will work to break you out of the hell you have been in….

Anyway, animators go through the animation doldrums now and again. Don’t let it drag you down…
Now back to my shot which really stinks…. :)

By the way, I read a cool book about an artist trying to stay inspired. It was called
Ranier Maria Rilke: Letters To A Young Poet – great read, and short…

-Dr. Gordon