Happy Thanksgiving!

Not much right now except to wish everyone a pleasant holiday. After the break we’ll be posting some new thoughts. We’ve figured out how to attach YouTube clips to our posts so we’ll now be able to provide reference clips for some of the ideas we’re discussing. In addition, we’ve got some ideas for a couple new splinecasts which we hope to get going after the holidays. This crunch is probably the craziest we’ve been through, so we continue to ask for your patience. Also, feel free to comment on things you’re curious about. Perhaps a teacher has given you a note on your work that you don’t quite understand, or maybe there is something that you notice you’re having consistent trouble with. By posting a comment we can better shape the topics of the next few posts. Most of our brains are elsewhere right now (or mush), so help us help you. Have a great Thanksgiving everybody! I know I’ll be thankful for a couple of days off.