Happy Holidays!

Well, the semester has ended and folks are taking some much deserved time off to spend with their families and to recover. Our students did a great job this semester and once the holidays have passed we will post some of their work. Scott and Andrew’s Pixar 3 class completed an animated sequence that went through the full course of production from design all the way through to lighting, which I know they’re looking forward to post. Bobby & Ross’ and Andy & Stephen’s Pixar 1 classes introduced some budding talent to the reinforcement of classical principles and how they translate to CG. Lastly, Mike and I spent this semester with our Pixar 2 class concentrating on acting and dialogue. We’re very proud of everyone’s efforts and look forward to sharing their work with you soon. Also, we are scheduled to record the next Splinecast the first week of January so keep an eye out for that to post shortly after. Have a happy holiday and a safe New Year’s.