I haven’t posted in a while because….

My number one animation prescription is this. READ “THE ILLUSION OF LIFE” BY FRANK THOMAS AND OLLIE JOHNSTON. Don’t just look at the pictures, READ THE BOOK, and when your done READ IT AGAIN. I’ve read it over and over for the last 14 years, it got so bad that I would re-read certain sections every time I started a new shot on a film. Most of it will be over your head and you won’t understand it, I know I didn’t either I still don’t but it’s like a magic book. Over time it starts to make more and more sense. Also I know this sounds crazy but READING THE WHOLE BOOK is actually really helpful, not just the squash and stretch section. Anyways READ “THE ILLUSION OF LIFE” I always say if you have money to buy only one book on animation buy “THE ILLUSION OF LIFE” BY FRANK THOMAS AND OLLIE JOHNSTON, and if you don’t have money to buy the book sell all your other books on animation and buy “THE ILLUSION OF LIFE” with the money you’ve made. You can buy it on Amazon.com.

Dr. Stephen G.