More on Shape Change

A long while back we did a post about shape change and how important it is in your work. I wanted to reference a couple of examples on YouTube. Hopefully we can do more of this action analysis in the future.

Watch how the force causes her body shape to change. Its amazing how her torso reverses. Also notice how everything overlaps (torso, chest, neck and head. Reversals are key to nice animation.

Yeah, I know, you have seen this. It really is amazing to see how much the body changes and how this guy can change the appearance of his body by movement. Look at the patterns on his arms. Really nice fluid stuff.

Ok, this is just crazy. Obviously this woman is beyond flexible. Its really great reference for articulating a torso. Look at how appealing the shapes are yet the rib cage always stays solid. Its really important to remember that your characters have a rib cage and to keep that part of them solid.-hope this helps a little…