Bale Contest Winners!

After looking at over 25 entries from all over the world, the Winner is…..

Chris O’Hara!!! with his hand drawn entry “Baleistic” Congratulations Chris. Great idea, animation and storytelling.

Second Place:     Dan Huertas

Third Place:         Brandon Beckstead

Honorable Mention: Mathew Rees, Alex Jansen

Thanks to all who participated.  Judging was based on idea, acting and execution. Some were well executed but lacked a good idea. Others were funny but lacked good acting. This piece of dialogue is not easy to do. Animating someone angry is so difficult. It requires a tension in the acting and showing what the character is feeling through the body and expression. Overall I was impressed with the quality of the entries. Here are most of the other entries. Some were not suitable for the site due to some character copyrights and others I could not get to play. I appreciate all the hard work that people put into this. Some submissions were over a minute long. We also had a variety of experience. From High School to Industry professionals, the contest was really well done.

This contest was in no way related to Pixar and was done as an exercise in acting. Thanks to Christian Bale for the dialogue.