Cal Arts Producers Show 09

I was lucky enough to attend the Cal Arts producers show this year. For those of you who don’t know the school it is one of the premier animation schools in the country. Pixar has many of its directors, animators and story artsits come from the school. Every year all the studios come out to see the show and recruit new talent. I am impressed by the films coming out of the school but not so much by the animation. In talking to many of the students, I felt they wanted to do story or art. Not many were interested in Character Animation. Maybe because its done mostly on computer and they want to draw, which I can understand. I hope some of the students can focus more on animating though. The industry is hungry for talented animators and alot of the animation talent is coming from other schools that focus a bit more on character work. I still think Calarts is one of the best animation schools. Here are some links to some of the students films from this year.  Great work… Next year, more character animation!

Nelson Boles
Noel Belknap 4th year
Sabrina Cotugno 1st year
Elle Michalka 1st year
Jeff Liu 2nd year
David Ochs 1st year
Shion Takeuchi 3rd year
Dylan Forman 2nd year
Tahnee Ghem 1st year
Marcos Cohen 1st year

Andres Salaff 4th year
Sharing by Kris Anka
The Terror from Mars by Daron Nefracy
Leonardo’s Chase by Carlos Romero

If anyone has more links to calarts films please post them in the comments section or email me.