The Stuff That Hangs on Your Wall

When I started as an animator at Warner Bros. 15 years ago, my mentor Frank Molieri gave me a list of things to keep in mind when I’m animting. I kept it pinned up on my board and its hanging on my board at Pixar. I think it came from his days at Bluth. Alot of these lists have been passed on from one animator to another. The other list that I posted was given to me by Chuck Harvey, who is a great old Disney Animator who used to work with the great Milt Kahl. The scan is a photo copy of an original that was sitting in a box of amazing work that was done by Milt which he had. As you can see, it has the stains of time on it. Feel free to print them out and hang them on your wall. What they say is Gold.  I think its a great idea to surround yourself with inspiration like this. Things that keep you in check. These days, I have more pictures of my daughter and wife, but I still like to have things around me that really do inspire me. I remember being in Glen Keanes’ office at Disney. He had so many great works of art up that were inspiring him for his work on Rapunzel. On every production. I think directly or indirectly it can influence your work. I like to clean off my board and put up stuff that gets me excited about the character or work I’m doing. I wanted to know if anyone else had any things they had hanging up that keep them going… Please write it in the message box or email me an image of something you think might help another animator… A list, An Image, a poem… etc etc… It all can help.