• Upcoming Podcasts Cont…

    It seems like we have alot of great suggestion for some new podcasts.


    - Female artists

    -Interns and new hires

    -More Roundtables.

    -Lee, Brenda, JL and other directors

    All these suggestions are great and I will try to get these in the works. Please be patient as I am quite busy. Again, thanks for the support and look for more posts coming soon.


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  • Happy Halloween…Getting Ready for another Spline Cast

    We are in crunch at work so, not much posting will be done for a bit. I hope to record a couple more Spline Casts. Any suggestions for who you might want to hear can be sent to the comments section. I hope to get some technical artists soon as well.. Again, thanks for all the support…


  • A Gesture Here, A Gesture There…

    When animating, it is very hard to come up with original gestures. Gestures can be something that describes how a character is feeling, like a rub of the nose or touching of the mouth. They can also be the obvious hand gesture. We quickly fall back on the easiest ones. The neck rub, the W pose, The Point. The ones that dont really require alot of thinking or were original 40 years ago. I am guilty of having characters gesture too much. You could say that Mike Wazowski does alot of gestures. As you can see, I hit the old W gesture on this scene…I blame this on my family origins and the type of character Mike was. Also, I was young and only had two films under my belt.  When I see something nice its usually because I have not seen it before. In some ways, I look for opportunities where I don’t need to gesture with the arms. I also find that once I block out a gesture, it is the polish of those gestures that is important. This is where you break up the timing, change a hand pose or rethink what you are doing. Its important to be open to change right up until the end. I still struggle to find original gestures. I once heard a really cool idea from an acting class. They told the actors to observe 3 gestures and utilize them in their scenes.  I thought that was a really cool thing to do. Uta Hagen teaches some great acting classes, many of which are on You Tube. Its important for us to look at this stuff and relate it back to our work. They are worth watching. I always have to keep my eyes open and just look. Films often have some great “choices” the actors make. Choices…. Its something you hear actors and directors use in live action. That was a great choice you made in that scene. They are referring to the way they did the scene.  We need to make the correct choices for our work as well since we are acting through our characters.


  • CTN Expo Noc 20th – 22nd

    There will be a really cool event going on in the Los Angeles area called the Creative Talent Network Expo. It has been organized by Tina Price. Many animation artists will be speaking about their craft. I hope to make it down there as well and give some sort of talk.  Here is the link…


  • Cube Dudes by Angus

    Former Spline Doctor and Pixar Animator Angus Maclane has been doing these really cool Lego characters. Angus has made some real masterpieces out of lego. His simplicity in design makes them so appealing. Great work Angus.

    You can see them ALL here…