Walk Challenge Winners

Winner - Pier Pressure - Drew Winey

Thank you all for entering the 2010 walk challenge. I think we really had some amazing entries and I was personally inspired to start doing a walk myself. The whole reason for doing this challenge was to get people to think about character through their walk. Often, when a reel contains a walk cycle, it is often bland and out of context. It tells you nothing about the character. I think that every one of the walks we judged had character. Myself, Victor Navone, Scott Clark and Travis Hathaway judged the entries.

Best Overall Walk – Drew Winey – Pier Pressure

2nd Place – Tyler Kakac – Disco Walk

3rd place – Eleanor Dayton – Kid on Moms Leg

spline doctors walk challenge 2010 from andrew gordon on Vimeo.

Congratulations to all the winners. First prize will be receiving a signed poster from Toy Story 3. The other winner will receive some other  Pixar schwag as yet to be determined.