Whats News?

Its been a bit quite on the blog lately, so I thought I’d update potential readers with what I hope to do with this blog in the coming year. Obviously, people care most about Spline Casts. I hope to record Lee Unkrich and then start getting a few technical people in for some interviews. We have not really covered that area. There are so many great people to talk to and I really am hoping to make time to interview them. Obviously, its not easy keeping things rolling but I believe in education and also learn alot by talking to people I respect at Pixar. Please email me some of your must haves for 2011 or leave it in the comments…

More Posts… Splinedoctors may be called Splinedoctor one day because I am really the only one who is keeping it going. The other splinedoctors are busy and or just don’t have the time. I totally understand. It takes time and effort. I have some interesting ideas for some future posts and challenges this year and I think it will be fun to do.

Lastly, Thank you to some of the folks who attended the classes Matt Luhn and I taught. We enjoy doing it and really appreciate all the support and helpful comments on how to make them even better. We are working on new material for 2011 We hope to do a couple of the next year so check the site for info.

Stay tuned for some cool stuff soon.