2011 Teaching

I wanted to give an update of where you might be able to find Pixar animators, directors and story artists teaching….

At The California College of Art in Oakland, they are lucky enough to have a director, Mark Andrews teaching the story class. Whoever is in that class should consider themselves lucky having Mark. He is one of the best teachers. I will be coming back next semester to teach performance based animation. There are many other Pixar artists at CCA such as Brett Parker (animator) Don Crum (2d animator) Doug Sheppick (stop mo animator). Josh Cooley (story) was recently teaching story.

The Academy of Art in San Francisco, where myself and many former spline doctors taught saw the return of the same type of classes we taught there for about 10 years. Some of my former students, KC Royer, Kevin Chesnos, Stephen Wong, and Mark Harris are now teaching 3 tiers of classes there. Other animators teaching in the program are Terry Song and Jamie Landes.

Animation Mentor obviously has many Pixar artists teaching with their very succesful program.

On the Masterclass front, Matt Luhn and I expect to teach a few next year. We will keep you posted. Thank you for the continued support and we look forward to some interesting events on Spline Doctors in 2011. (new doctors, podcasts, 2 new animation challenges and more posts!) Again, thank you.