• Whats News?

    Its been a bit quite on the blog lately, so I thought I’d update potential readers with what I hope to do with this blog in the coming year. Obviously, people care most about Spline Casts. I hope to record Lee Unkrich and then start getting a few technical people in for some interviews. We have not really covered that area. There are so many great people to talk to and I really am hoping to make time to interview them. Obviously, its not easy keeping things rolling but I believe in education and also learn alot by talking to people I respect at Pixar. Please email me some of your must haves for 2011 or leave it in the comments…

    More Posts… Splinedoctors may be called Splinedoctor one day because I am really the only one who is keeping it going. The other splinedoctors are busy and or just don’t have the time. I totally understand. It takes time and effort. I have some interesting ideas for some future posts and challenges this year and I think it will be fun to do.

    Lastly, Thank you to some of the folks who attended the classes Matt Luhn and I taught. We enjoy doing it and really appreciate all the support and helpful comments on how to make them even better. We are working on new material for 2011 We hope to do a couple of the next year so check the site for info.

    Stay tuned for some cool stuff soon.


  • Great Gesture Site!

    I stumbled across this site when I was looking for examples of gestures. We use gestures everytime we animate a shot. What is great about this site is that he is really looking for different types of things that people do everyday and telling you why they are doing it. Its a gold mine for animators. Another resource that has been talked about on this site, but is a bit dated is the book Manwatching. Desmond Morris is the king of human behavior study. As animators, we really do need to be aware of everything going on around us. This site is a good resource for that such thing.


  • TS3 Roundtable Part 2

    PART 2

    Finally… Sorry it took so long… The summer has been busy… I am currently teaching the 2010 animation interns and they are lots of work… Hopefully I will get back in the game of making some new podcasts. I am going to be doing one with Lee Unkrich, director of Toy Story 3.

    Some other cool stuff that has been going on…. There is a cool class that myself and Matt Luhn are teaching in Vancouver on September 24th and 25th.

    Also in the current issue of 3d World I did a little article on Walks. Hopefully I will be able to post all the info on the site with permission from the Mag. Stay tuned for that. Thanks for still following the site. I’m trying to keep it alive…

    Download the short podcast here ts3roundtable_part2


  • Toy Story 3 Animator Roundtable – Part1

    Finally, a new Spline Cast!!! This is part one of a two part animation Roundtable with:

    Doug Sweetland, Andy Schmidt, Jessica Torres, Cat Hicks, Carlos Baena, Kc Royer, Aaron Hartline and Myself, Andrew Gordon. Aaron thought it would be cool to do a Spline Cast talking about Toy Story 3 so we made it happen. Hope you enjoy it and the Film which opens this Friday. Expect it on itunes soon.


    ts3_roundtable_part 1

  • Kids Animation Software

    Recently someone at work asked what some good software there is out there for kids for doing animation. Here is a list that someone came up with. Please feel free to add to the list in the comments section.

    1) Scratch ( http://scratch.mit.edu )
    2) Cosmic Blobs ( http://www.cosmicblobs.com )
    3) Kid Pix
    4) Pencil animation ( http://www.pencil-animation.org
    5) Anime Studio Debut ( http://anime.smithmicro.com
    6) Claymation Studio and Istopmotion for claymation
    7) Sam Animation ( http://www.samanimation.com