The Animation Collaborative

Myself and fellow animator Michal Makerawicz are starting a workshop where students can learn animation and storytelling. The location is across the street from our place of employment, Pixar. We are starting small with 4 workshop classes for summer and a fall offering. Each workshop is intimate with only 8 spots.  The reason we wanted to do this was to teach outside the system of a large school. We think we have some of the best teachers for animation and will offer workshops on Story, Character Design and Acting and filmmaking. Students will also benefit from lectures and guest speakers.  You come in, we access where you are at and what assignments you do. Applicants will need to have their own computers and software in order to do the work. What we are providing is lecture, and critique. The cost for the workshop will be $1400 for summer (8 sessions) and  $1900 for the fall session (12 session plus 1 for guest speaker). It will meet once a week from 7 to 10.
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