• New Spline Cast Soon!

    I will be posting a new SplineCast with good Friend Mark Walsh (Director of Partysaurus Rex in a couple of days.

    Spline Casts are coming back!!!!

    Here is a preview…..      Walsh SplineCast Preview



  • We are Back!

    Spline Doctors was down for a few days… We are back to normal programming…

  • Why cant I do that?

    Im sure this was already passed around the animation community, but if you have not seen it:


    Its funny how much gestures plays into animation and acting these days. Its almost a buzz word.  When I started at Pixar over 15 years ago, most people were just animating on gut instinct.  A few guys really thought about it and they were among the best…We certainly talked about choices. Now the discussion is a bit more detailed. Obviously, how you gesture affects the idea of what is being conveyed. Glen Keane came to Pixar around 2000. He gave a great talk about gestures and it opened a window. I think we need to keep opening those windows. Whats the next advance in animation acting? I think interaction with cloth and other dynamic parts of a character are. I want to unbutton a shirt, flip a collar, roll up a sleeve, try on a glove. If you think about it, its really in the beginning stages of that. It takes so much to pull off that sort of stuff.

    What about interactions with thinks like light, water, texture etc. We fake everything in animation and as we see it more clearly we might make different choices. In essence, animators should have the ability to really pull off anything. I’m sure when  Milt Kahl animated the scene of Medusa taking off her coat in rescuers, he blew people away. I wish I saw more animation like that where I didnt think about how they did it but more…how I felt about it.


  • New Spline Cast coming…

    Im getting the engines started on doing a couple more Spline Casts. Im gonna try for some big fish so stay tuned and as always thanks for the support.


  • Something…Different…

    I am really excited to say that I am going to be leading  a new, amazing animation program with  The Art Department. Jason Manley and John English contacted me a while back about developing a program for the school. When I heard about all the things they have done and how passionate about education they were, I couldn’t say no. They really do want to change the face of art education and think the current system is broken and too expensive. I agree. I feel that animation education, brick and mortar and online can also be way better and has a long way to go. We want to provide the best experience and teachers possible. The education will primarily be provided online, but there will also be studio spaces where students can come to and work in a real collaborative environment. We also hope to offer free and low cost workshops for kids and adults and hold all kinds of events. We are putting together a list of instructors, guest instructors and advisors that will blow your mind! We are also going to be giving away a lot of scholarships to make it easier for students to be involved. We hope to start the first few students in fall. We also hope to be down at CTN to answer any questions and meet people. As always, thanks for supporting Spline Doctors. The site has always been about sharing and thats really what I want to continue to do. Its about making the next generation of great artists, animators and directors, not just plug in animators!