Some Animated iPad Apps

If you are someone trying to learn animation there are a few apps for iPad that are pretty sweet. The ipad is an amazing tool for learning and producing animation. If I were teaching a kid how to do animation, I would probably get them an ipad and a stylus instead of a drawing table and animation disc. Its mind boggling what you can do!

Disney Animated is a great way to get your hands wet. It gives a good understanding of animation and also lets users play a bit with animation using a 3d model and a bouncing ball. It has flippable scenes and much more. It is a great introduction for kids to the art of animation.

Toontastic is a great way for young kids to build stories and animate simple characters.

Animation Desk is a bit more of an actual tool for animating. Its a great way to really get in there and do some work. I love doing animation with this tool.

Animators Survival Kit is a more in depth look at animation exercises and is a good extension of the book. I feel that the book is enough though…

iStopMotion is a good stop motion tool. There are many but this one is one of the better ones. Get an armature or some legos and go to town…


please send your suggestions for awesome apps for animation and filmmaking in the comments section and I will update this post.