• Insane Story and Animation Classes!!!

    Kelsey Mann, The Head of Story on  Monsters University is teaching a really cool online story class HERE.

    This is one of the best kept secrets out there… This class could be a one time only opportunity.  These guys are busy. Anyone wanting to be taught by the best has just two more weeks to sign up.

    Also, take a class from Peter Kelly, Veteran ILM animator  who just finished Pacific Rim.

    He is teaching an amazing class on animation. Again, a very rare opportunity! These guys are not only the best artists, they really are some of the best teachers in the world. Don’t miss out on this…16 weeks of pure animation awesomeness starting in two weeks!You could be in such a small class that its like having a personal mentor!

    Online, affordable, recorded and personal!!!

    Check them out!

  • Adrift

    You sit next to amazingly talented people at Pixar. Simon Christen, a former academy of art student when I was teaching is not only a great animator but an amazing photographer and filmmaker. Check out his latest time lapse film.



  • Animation Challenge!

    It has been a while since we had an animation challenge on Spline Doctors… But the time has come and I’m excited to say that we are giving out some really cool prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners sponsored by The Art Department.  I am working with the Art department to build a really great Animation Program. This September we have some great classes. Check it out.

    The Challenge:

    Take a character from the Gold Rush era 1849 and have them interact with an object or character from the future.  The character must have a change in emmotion. You can basically go wild and even create a story. To be fair there should not be more than 10 cuts. The piece should not be longer than 1 minute (not including titles and credits) There can be dialogue or musical cues. The scene can be animated in 2d or 3d or any medium.

    More about the characters: Think about the wide range of characters from the 1800′s. They can be from any part of the world, not just your typical miner from  the Sierra’s. (although thats fine) The “future” can be any future, as long as the audience understands that what is happening is from the future or the object is something not of that era. The point of this scene is to explore character, acting, weight, physicality and so on.

    The Deadline: You have the rest of the summer to work on this. The final Deadline is September 1st.

    The Prizes: All I can say is that if you are an animation nut, you wont be disappointed!!!

    Good Luck!


  • Amazing new live online classes in Story, Set/Character Design and Animation – Fall 2013


    I’ve been helping to get some Animation Classes off the ground called the Art Department. This Fall, we will have 4 new offerings

    with some AMAZING talent: Here is what we have lined up…

    Story with Head of Story on Monsters University, Kelsey Mann

    Character Design with an amazing Pixar Sketch Artist Daniel Holland

    Animation Principles with Pixar Veteran Animator/Director Theme Parks  Stephen Gregory

    Production Design with  Pixar Veteran Art Director  Anthony Christov

    Weight and Physicality in Animation  with Industrial Light and Magic veteran Animator Peter Kelly.

    Those are some amazing teachers! They are not only great artist but they are gifted teachers. There is a difference…When you are in a class with someone who can teach, you learn a lot more!

    Im so excited to finally see these classes start to take shape and we hope it will only be the beginning. With teachers like this, this is a very rare opportunity. Some of these teachers may only do one class, so now is your chance!  The great thing is that for this next semester, anyone can sign up. We hope you will consider us in the huge animation education market. We are small but we care about good education. For information on how to sign up for these classes you can contact here. or email me at splinedr@gmail.com and Ill personally respond. Honestly, I want to take these classes! By the way, if you are an international student, the sessions are recorded to you can view the class at anytime and still do your assignment! Its a fully live class if you want, but you have the option to view it as much as you  want. Check it out. More info to come.


  • Animators Survival Kit on Ipad

    I got the chance to check out the animators survival kit on the ipad the other day and I think its a great alternative or addition to the book. Its very easy to use and lets you flip through the examples from the book. I highly recommend it for students and anyone in need of the classic examples of animation..

    Link to itunes app