Great Animation Links for Students

A while ago I asked our animation interns at Pixar what some of the good sites were that they learned from were. Here is what they said: Please add more in our comment section and I will add it too the list :) more coming in 2014

Speaking of Animation podcast
Animation Podcast – subscription based motion reference - free & subscription-based tutorials and demos – Great Inspiration – Good forums and lots of free recordings of shot reviews – free resources for non-students. – Lots of webinars and tutorials for decent prices – Jean Dennis Haas – Great for daily tips. – Awesome educational site and filled with awesome content. – An artist I have been following with amazing work. I believe she works at Dreamworks now. Very inspiring. – Great community on here. – Good compilation for reference to view on a daily basis. – Lots of content updated all the time and constantly posts great animation reels to stay inspired.

Cartoon Brew: Animation news

Animation Notes

Keith Lango Videos:

animators resource

Pininterest example: character design kids


more to come….