The One Academy!

I am so excited to announce that I am directing a new animation program with the One Academy. I, as well as many aritsts I work with have visited the One Academy Campus in Malaysia and were so impressed with the people and the things they were doing there. The school was started by artists and has been around for over 20 years.  I am very excited to work with them on some  of the most exciting animation training around.  The aim of the program is to create thinkers,  and great storytellers. Over the years, one of the frustrations of teaching at many of the different schools is the lack of vision that student have. Many just want to land a job and that’s it. This is fine of course, but its important to give students a broad set of tools so they can have more potential out there. We aim to have a program that goes a year where we make films. Through the latest technology, we will engage in a digital story room and teachers will be teaching via hi-def video conferencing and the latest digital sharing tools.  It will involve all aspects of short film production. My goal is to make this program second to none. For me, its all about the teachers and getting the best students to apply.  More to come soon