• Inside Out Animator Round Table!


    A few months ago I was able to get Shawn Krause, Victor Navone, Guiherme Jacinto, Travis Hathaway, Jamie Roe and Dovi Anderson in a room to talk a bit about Animation on Inside Out. Its been a long time since we did a round table like this, but you guys wanted it! I hope you enjoy the interview. Thanks for all the continued support of this little site over the years. I hope to have some more content in the future. Enjoy! Thank you to the animators and Pixar’s continued support to make things like this possible.

    Inside Out Animation Round Table


  • We are still here!

    Sorry for Spline Doctors being down, but we are back up and there is a podcast coming within a week!

    Stay tuned and thanks for your support…



  • Seattle Masterclass – Story and Animation

    If your in Seattle or the area, catch a really cool class Myself, Victor Navone and Rej Bourdages will be teaching.



    Its a two day event put on by my old school Vanarts. It is going to be a great two days and the only one this year.

    We try to make this event and fun and educational as possible. Victor will be giving a really special talk on the making of Inside Out. Victor was a Supervising Animator on that film and Im so happy to have him! Also, if you are going, please don’t be afraid to bring some demo reel work. We may be able to look at it and give you an honest critique.* We will be getting you on your feet as well and making you work so please come for an exciting two days.


  • Pixar in a Box Live

    I just wanted to tell you all about a great collaboration with the Khan Academy and Pixar.

    Pixar in a box is a education program where students can learn all about how we do things at Pixar and apply it to the things they learn in school. Check it out here:



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  • 129 Beautiful Shots

    Here’s a great collection of screen shots to pour over. These are all wonderful scenes from a wide variety of films, and not only do they point out great cinematography, but many are good examples of strong visual storytelling that you can achieve in one single image. I hope this inspires any out there to start their own collection of screen shots, it’s a really good way to break down a scene and see how it’s all put together. Enjoy !



    - N. Stanton

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