Gesture here, Gesture there, but don’t Gesture everywhere….

Gestures have always been facinating to me inside and out of the animation industry. I remember the lightbulb going on in my head when I first heard Glen Keane talk about how he looked at gestures. Never before did I put two and two together in the way he did. Now, with the advent of so many classes, online schools the info is out there. I recently did a class on Its part of a series of classes where I will cover the craft more than software specific tools. Many of the learnings are free. Here are a bunch of clips for your viewing pleasure. Thank you all for still reading Spline Doctors. Please suggest things for the future and I will try to get them up. I heard people are interested in a Finding Dory Round Table.

Welcome Video

Cliche Gestures

Over Gesticulation

Weight and Physics