Adam Burke – A Pixar Legend

Adam Burke passed away on October 8th 2018. I was a close friend to Adam over the years at Pixar Animation studios. When Adam showed up on the film Incredibles it was a breath of fresh air to have someone else that was from “back east”. The industry is small and we knew alot of the same people. Adam was always a guy that I could go into and chat with about life. There never was a day when I remember him being negative. It really was amazing because I was sometimes jaded by this or that and Adam would set me straight, telling me.. “Gordon, I’ve been on the outside” I aint ever leaving this place.” He was right. He was right about so many things. He did so many things for the animation department at Pixar and people in general. He started the hospital visit program at Pixar. He was the resident Bar keep. A guy who would always pour a drink or make you laugh. He had a voice that would shatter the earth…Singing at the stage on a Friday. He was always there on working Saturdays cooking breakfast with his son or making the best bloody Mary’s for the crew even if he was not on the film!  He and I taught the interns at Pixar one year and he made it one of the most fun experiences ever. He and I had a famous war at pixar where we would trade photoshops and fake shots in dailies. He went through the trouble of having someone model me so he could put my face on a cup in Finding Dory. These are the types of things that really are the stuff of legend. He added so much to the culture of Pixar and that culture is part of what makes the films so great there. He took an interest in teaching and even helping me with this site that used to be sucha beacon for so many people that wanted to learn about animation. One our best “Spline Casts” was with Brad Bird and Ed Catmull. Adam helped line those legends up.

another interview with Adam and Ed:

Adam was also a spectacular animator, animating scenes that you remember in the many films he worked on. I hope to post a link to his amazing work. Adam also was the keeper of my old secret room the Love Lounge. He hosted so many people through the years and kept the lounge in tact. I could not have thought of a better person, because he was a gracious host. When I think about the animators that we read about in the old books about Disney and Warners, Adam is one of those “characters” that made me want to become an animator. His attitude was that he was the luckiest guy to have his job and all the things he did for people made it show. I will miss you so much Adam. If there is a heaven, then I know Adam is sitting by some sort of Tiki Bar up there, having his favorite drinks, a martini with a twist. May we all raise a glass to a person that affected so many. I miss you buddy.