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    Hey, here is link to some pretty neat tutorials, put together by Cameron Fielding. They are worth a look and thanks to Cameron for taking the time to put them together.



  • Animation Mentor Fall Showcase

    Our Good friends at Animation Mentor have posted the works of their fall show. Carlos gave me a look, and man is it good. Amazing job to all the students and teachers. Animation Mentor really is committed to animation education. They really care about the students which is not the case with a lot of animation schools out there. I expect it will only get better and better. I’d love to hear any comments from students about the program.


  • Some Cool 2d animation software

    The best thing animation students can do is to do 2d animation before they enter the vast world of 3d animation.It teaches you the basics much quicker and really helps you understand the process. Here are a bunch of 2d animation software packages that are out there for the computer. I like using these packages because it lets me experiment more and try out different techniques. Its also easier to make changes.

    Here they are:

    Pencil – A free open source program

    Mirage – Alot like deluxe paint 4 for the Amiga only better! (TV Paint is the european counter-part)

    Flipbook – widely used 2d program. Very simple and robust

    Feel free to submit any other 2d animation programs that you know of.


  • Jeff Pidgeon Interview

    Hey guys I found this interview with the amazing Jeff Pidgeon on-line today. Everyone should check it out. Jeff has been at PIXAR forever and he is in my opinion one of the most influential artists of PIXAR’s earlier films, Toy Story,Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc, etc. Worth a listen.

    here is the link!

    –Dr. Stephen G.

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  • Californias’ Best Kept Secret


    In terms of animation education, one of the best programs I have seen is CSU Summer Arts. When I got out of high school, I really wanted to learn stuff about animation. I think it was something I saw in an issue of Amiga World Magazine (I’m dating myself) that prompted me to check into a computer animation program that was being run by this organization. Back then, all the stars of computer animation gathered at Humboldt State University. We did films using swivel 3d. It was great! It was the first time I really knew that I wanted to make films. The CSU summer arts program has been running for 21 years now.. Lately, its been at Fresno State.

    This Year I had the privilege of being a guest artist for the 5th time. Rick Vertolli has been the guiding light of the computer graphics program at CSU summer arts. The range of Guest Artists is really amazing. We had Mike Wellins, who is an independent film maker and director. He works up at Leica. Rusty Mills, who has been a Producer/Director for many projects including Pinky and the Brain and animaniacs. Brian Boyd, a TD from Pixar was their to talk about all aspects of color, lighting and also rigging. Chuck Harvey, who trained under Milt Kahl was also one of the guest artists. Chuck, having worked with the greats, had so much inspiring artwork to show. His collection of animation art blew everyone away. The subject of this years workshop was character development. The students got to take acting classes from a teacher from Second City and then develop that character using a CG rig. Things like Walk cycles, Pose Tests and Acting scenes are some of the work being done. The students were also lucky enough to get a tour of Pixar, which usually is impossible to do for a group this size.

    Another great thing about summer arts is the fact that alot of other workshops are going on around the campus. There is an energy that really feels great. Students are working till 2 am. Its an intense experience. One thing that should be noted is that 80% of students receive some sort of scholarship. When you think about how expensive animation education can be, this is why Summer Arts is the best kept secret in animation education. The culmination of the work will be on Friday, the 27th of July 2007