• Zootopia sets the bar for 2016.

    Its been a while since I went to an animated film feeling like I needed to get back to my desk and animate harder! After seeing what our brothers and sisters down at Disney Feature Animation are doing, this was my feeling. Whats even better was keeping an eye on my kids and hearing them talk about it. Two kid thumbs up. I think the movie is great and as an animator I really just love the work and was amazed at how wonderful the animation was.  Appeal is off the charts and the acting is fun. If your an animator, or someone who just loves a fun film, go see it. Way to go ! Amazing work.


  • Animation Challenge!

    It has been a while since we had an animation challenge on Spline Doctors… But the time has come and I’m excited to say that we are giving out some really cool prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners sponsored by The Art Department.  I am working with the Art department to build a really great Animation Program. This September we have some great classes. Check it out.

    The Challenge:

    Take a character from the Gold Rush era 1849 and have them interact with an object or character from the future.  The character must have a change in emmotion. You can basically go wild and even create a story. To be fair there should not be more than 10 cuts. The piece should not be longer than 1 minute (not including titles and credits) There can be dialogue or musical cues. The scene can be animated in 2d or 3d or any medium.

    More about the characters: Think about the wide range of characters from the 1800′s. They can be from any part of the world, not just your typical miner from  the Sierra’s. (although thats fine) The “future” can be any future, as long as the audience understands that what is happening is from the future or the object is something not of that era. The point of this scene is to explore character, acting, weight, physicality and so on.

    The Deadline: You have the rest of the summer to work on this. The final Deadline is September 1st.

    The Prizes: All I can say is that if you are an animation nut, you wont be disappointed!!!

    Good Luck!


  • Walk Challenge Winners

    Winner - Pier Pressure - Drew Winey

    Thank you all for entering the 2010 walk challenge. I think we really had some amazing entries and I was personally inspired to start doing a walk myself. The whole reason for doing this challenge was to get people to think about character through their walk. Often, when a reel contains a walk cycle, it is often bland and out of context. It tells you nothing about the character. I think that every one of the walks we judged had character. Myself, Victor Navone, Scott Clark and Travis Hathaway judged the entries.

    Best Overall Walk – Drew Winey – Pier Pressure

    2nd Place – Tyler Kakac – Disco Walk

    3rd place – Eleanor Dayton – Kid on Moms Leg

    spline doctors walk challenge 2010 from andrew gordon on Vimeo.

    Congratulations to all the winners. First prize will be receiving a signed poster from Toy Story 3. The other winner will receive some other  Pixar schwag as yet to be determined.

  • Walk Contest Extended to May 21st

    I have extended the deadline one week since I have not been getting many entries, so keep working on those walk scenes. The winner will be sure to get some cool stuff and potentially be featured in a 3d world Article. Please email your entries to splinedr@gmail.com

    Good luck!


  • Bale Contest Winners!

    After looking at over 25 entries from all over the world, the Winner is…..

    Chris O’Hara!!! with his hand drawn entry “Baleistic” Congratulations Chris. Great idea, animation and storytelling.

    Second Place:     Dan Huertas

    Third Place:         Brandon Beckstead

    Honorable Mention: Mathew Rees, Alex Jansen

    Thanks to all who participated.  Judging was based on idea, acting and execution. Some were well executed but lacked a good idea. Others were funny but lacked good acting. This piece of dialogue is not easy to do. Animating someone angry is so difficult. It requires a tension in the acting and showing what the character is feeling through the body and expression. Overall I was impressed with the quality of the entries. Here are most of the other entries. Some were not suitable for the site due to some character copyrights and others I could not get to play. I appreciate all the hard work that people put into this. Some submissions were over a minute long. We also had a variety of experience. From High School to Industry professionals, the contest was really well done.

    This contest was in no way related to Pixar and was done as an exercise in acting. Thanks to Christian Bale for the dialogue.