• Spline Doctors Animation Challenge

    I thought it would be fun to put together a little contest of sorts. I’m not sure if anyone has heard this piece of Dialogue:


    The challenge is to animate part of the flip out that Christian Bale goes on. You can put him on the set of terminator, or batman.. whatever. Come up with a nice little scene. Feel free to bleep out the F-bombs or edit the clip anyway you want. You can pick a small manageable part of the clip to animate. You obviously will not have time to animate the whole thing. Click here for the audio. We will pick the winner and post a bunch of the other contestants work on the site. The winner will receive some pixar swag and possibly something else (ie signed poster or something like that) This piece of dialogue is just too juicy to pass up. Email splinedr@gmail to put a link to your entry. You have until April Fools Day to submit for judging.

    Good luck..

    Spline Doctors

    ps… This contest is for fun and is in no way connected to Pixar. It is meant to be a learning exercise for doing a dialogue scene.

    PPS… here is a funny version done on Family Guy…  LINK

  • Animate – on your iPhone!

    A fellow pixarian named Josh Anon, wrote a really cool i phone app called flipbook. I have been having alot of fun drawing and animating on this really cool application. It has onion skinning, it has multiple layers,  and its easily the best paint program available for the iPhone. It really is an amazing program.  After you are done creating your masterpiece, you export it to the flipbook site and you can download the quicktime movie of the work and share it. Think about it, you are sitting in a coffee shop, or on the train. You can thumbnail out your whole scene on this thing. I recommend getting some sort of stylus. Its not easy to draw with your finger. For a version 1.0 app, its great and will only get better. (especially with my feedback)


  • Fun Micro Expression Test

    A while back we had a great Facial Reading expert come to pixar to help us understand more about the face. We learned about something called micro-expression which are expression we make very quickly that can reveal how we are really feeling. It is very useful for people trying to spot lies and so forth. Its also great to try and put into our work, especially the work of a computer animator, who can get lots of subtle stuff into their work.

    Here is a Micro Expression Test. Click on the number, then whet micro expression flashes by.

    Expression test

  • Happy Halloween

    Thanks for all your questions to ED. We had a great interview with him which should be up shortly. Sorry for lack of posts. Things are very busy here. We had a great costume contest for Halloween at work. Former Spline Doctor, Angus Maclane and I took first and second place…. He was a half order of chicken and I was global warming. Expect some new posts soon.


  • Some Cool 2d animation software

    The best thing animation students can do is to do 2d animation before they enter the vast world of 3d animation.It teaches you the basics much quicker and really helps you understand the process. Here are a bunch of 2d animation software packages that are out there for the computer. I like using these packages because it lets me experiment more and try out different techniques. Its also easier to make changes.

    Here they are:

    Pencil – A free open source program

    Mirage – Alot like deluxe paint 4 for the Amiga only better! (TV Paint is the european counter-part)

    Flipbook – widely used 2d program. Very simple and robust

    Feel free to submit any other 2d animation programs that you know of.