• Cool Link

    Here is a cool like that was sent out on appeal in films. Thank you to Victor Navone for this link.



  • Good Dinosaur Roundtable?

    The Good Dinosaur came out this weekend. I had the good fortune to direct the promo work on the film which was a blast.

    I’m looking to continue the tradition of doing an animator roundtable with the animators.

    If you want to hear this or something else please show your support in the comments section.

    Go support animation and see the film. Its a great film with incredible animation and stunning set and effects work.


  • Carlos Baena Podcast

    I recently had the good luck to run into my pal Carlos Baena. Carlos and I worked on many a film at Pixar and taught together a few times. Carlos is such a passionate animator and film maker. I was so happy to see him follow his dream to make a short film. He is currently working on a really great short film call La Noria. They have been in production for a while and are looking for support to finish the film.Hope you enjoy the interview. Excuse the informality of it.


    Listen to the Podcast here:

    Here are a few links to the film and short making of videos.


    La Noria IndieGogo:

    La Noria Teaser:

    La Noria Props/Sets:

    La Noria Character Design:

  • Inside Out Animator Round Table!


    A few months ago I was able to get Shawn Krause, Victor Navone, Guiherme Jacinto, Travis Hathaway, Jamie Roe and Dovi Anderson in a room to talk a bit about Animation on Inside Out. Its been a long time since we did a round table like this, but you guys wanted it! I hope you enjoy the interview. Thanks for all the continued support of this little site over the years. I hope to have some more content in the future. Enjoy! Thank you to the animators and Pixar’s continued support to make things like this possible.

    Inside Out Animation Round Table


  • We are still here!

    Sorry for Spline Doctors being down, but we are back up and there is a podcast coming within a week!

    Stay tuned and thanks for your support…